Stereotyping Nickelodeon

In order for Nickelodeon After doing research for Nickelodeon, me and my team had the opinion that there are still a lot of stereotypes in the programs of Nickelodeon. We asked ourselves, is this the truth or just an assumption?

With Photoshop we changed the families, in a way that shows a better and a more honest reality of life to children. Just some small adjustments, but a big change in the message.
We created:

  • More diversity in skin tones.
  • Less stereotyping, by changing the clothes. For example, why are the Asian people most of the time the nerd with the glasses. Or the boy with the dark skin, the boy with chains and money.
  • Awareness to children, that a man AND a woman can both be a superhero.

After interviewing people at the streets and ask them which image they like the most and especially ‘why’, we can assume that people are ready for change. Ready for reality. A reality where children can identify their selves more.