Silence Spaces

Many times, people feel the urge to withdraw themselves when they are in a hospital. Patients, doctors or loved ones who are facing bad news messages every day, an escape from the clinical environment, or a safe place to pray. This silence space makes sure you can relax in a neutral environment where everyone can feel safe to enjoy the oasis of piece. You can literally come over to hide yourself in the cave. The feeling of the water reflections on the wall gives you a moment of calmness. A feeling of nature, where you can plant a little seed, to germinate, grow and finally bloom when you walk outside the hospital.

  • Minus floor: Cave Silence Room (planting seed)
  • Other floors: Mobile Rock Cocons (Germinate)
  • Entrence: Open plant and rock room (Grow)
  • Outside: Nature (Bloom)

These Silence Spaces are special designed in order for the O.L.V. Hospital Lourdes Waregem.