The Charity Stairs

Stairs and escalators, we see them everywhere. In public or business areas. Unfortunately, a lot of people take the escalator, while the stairs are much better for your health. Because of laziness, a rush or people are simply not aware of it.

But what if 1 minute of your time, is worth someone elses health? With the ‘Charity Stairs’, you take the stairs for a charity. Every time a person takes the stairs, 0,10 cents will be added to the money counter upstairs. You support foundation ALS Netherlands, but also your own health. My goal is not only to create social involvement, but also to motivate people to let them take the stairs more often. For this, awareness is really important. That’s why the design confront you with the worth of your own health. Because would you like to save 1 minute a day, or your own health?